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      來源:http://www.176main.com 日期:2022-05-07 發布人:hongshun
        There are many kinds of garage doors in use at present, such as high-grade garage doors, flip garage doors, and skid garage doors designed for low garage and so on. Recently, a user asked why the garage door always opens automatically. There's a reason. Here's a brief explanation.
        This may be because the signal interference of the surrounding environment of the garage door is too strong, which exceeds the anti-jamming ability of the garage door remote control receiving part itself for the signal. Because there will be a lot of electromagnetic waves in the surrounding environment, these electromagnetic waves will cause interference to the remote control.
        The solution is to replace the remote control with a new one, if not, some improvement work is required. For example, wrap the remote in foil, then open and close the garage door until it works.
        Another reason, is set up automatic garage door tubular motor to open the door of function, it is easier to solve this problem, we can look at the instruction or consulting service to reset shut down the function of automatic door, garage door still can bring a lot of convenience for the user, as long as the correct use under the guidance of professional, we can make the earth out of its functional benefits.
        Many users who are ready to install garage doors are not sure what kind of garage door to install when consulting. Because they lack professional knowledge in this area, they often need professionals to give advice and reference in order to determine what kind of door to use.
        Of course, although users may prefer a certain kind of garage door, engineers generally need to go to the installation site for field measurement, according to the size of the garage structure, etc., in order to provide users with professional garage door installation solutions.
        After the user installs the garage door, at the beginning of use, due to the lack of experience and knowledge, there will also be some problems, but after the guidance of the professionals in Jinan rolling door factory, these situations can be solved one by one.
        The reason why the garage door sometimes opens automatically is that the relevant content is here. If you have problems during the use of the garage door and have not been effectively dealt with, you can come to the website www.176main.com to consult us at any time.

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