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      來源:http://www.176main.com 日期:2022-05-05 發布人:hongshun
        At present, there are often users who report that the rolling shutter door can suddenly be up or down or down can not be up, which affects the use effect and causes inconvenience in life. Then, in order to quickly deal with it, we must first find the reason. The following points are summarized for your reference.
        The main reason is that the limiter runs too far. The limiter of the rolling shutter door is generally divided into upper limit and lower limit. Sometimes there is a sudden power failure, and users can only open and close the door by pulling the chain by hand, or pull the automatic sliding wrench to close the door. At this moment if do not notice limit switch whether reach the specified position, cause limit to run overdone easily fault. Generally, if the lower limit runs too far, the next time there will be electricity can only be on the phenomenon.
        If is a hand book door pull up limit overshooting next, can appear when there is electricity can only on the phenomenon, can't solve the topic of this kind of situation is very simple, as long as the limit switch back again passed screw effective limit range, adjust the following limit again, firmly lock screw can, may be a line in the control circuit is not connected or pulled out.
        Every rolling shutter door has been inspected when it leaves the factory. It is less likely that it is not connected well, and it may be pulled off in the process of handling or installation. We have also found that some installation masters will lead the curtain door as the hand handle of the motor to lift the motor, this approach is correct, often cause the plug of the motor lead and relay to fall off, causing failure.
        Ji 'nan rolling shutter door factory would like to remind you that the above is just according to the troubleshooting experience of common rolling shutter doors. For the sake of safety, it is suggested to find professionals for maintenance and repair, otherwise it may cause damage to the rolling shutter doors.
        What is the reason for the sudden jam fault of rolling shutter door? The above is the cause of the problem, if you do not find the reason for this problem, you can come to our website www.176main.com for consultation.

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