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      來源:http://www.176main.com 日期:2022-04-28 發布人:hongshun
        Nowadays, the demand for fireproof rolling shutter doors is increasing, and it is widely used in all kinds of factories, warehouses, garages and other places. Of course, in order to better use the rolling shutter doors or quickly find the reason for problems and solve them, we need to know more about some knowledge in ordinary life, such as how to install the big shaft of fireproof rolling shutter doors?
        Before installing the large shaft of fire shutter door, install the hanging plate on the reel in a good direction, and then install 4-6 curtain plates on the hanging plate, roll tightly on the reel and fix it with iron wire.
        Attention should be paid to safety when hoisting the large shaft of fire shutter door. Special people should be set up to direct and check the step ladder, scaffolding and hand-pulled hoist. When installing fireproof rolling shutter doors, first insert the optical shaft, bearing and seat into the end hole of the drum, align with the position, and then tighten the bearing fixing bolt.
        After the shaft is set, the reel can be moved left and right to adjust position. Also check the level of the reel carefully with a level and level tube. After adjustment, the optical shaft and reel are fixed by welding completely, and the optical shaft and bearing are fixed by supporting screws. When hoisting the drum, special attention should be paid not to damage the curtain plate rolled on the shaft, and wood should be mat when tying with wire rope.
        In addition, when the fire shutter door is in a certain state, do not rush to disassemble and check the cause, but to observe whether the failure of the shutter door is caused by external reasons such as power supply. If the external cause is excluded and the internal parts are determined to be faulty, you need to find an experienced professional master to repair, or ask an experienced master to guide troubleshooting.
        In addition, when buying fireproof rolling shutter doors, we need to focus on quality, not price, which is a mistake that many people often enter in the purchase. If you want to know more about fire shutter doors, you can consult the website www.176main.com, and the professionals will give you detailed answers.

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