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      來源:http://www.176main.com 日期:2022-03-15 發布人:hongshun
      Compared with ordinary rolling shutter doors, it has considerable advantages in terms of appearance, environmental protection and usability. The aluminum alloy rolling shutter door can be sprayed with various colors and patterns on its surface, and can also be coated with concave convex wood grain and sand grain to show your temperament, significantly improve the grade of your berth and make you stand out from many berths.
      The rolling shutter of aluminum alloy rolling shutter door has unique material and structural design, which can prevent strong light and ultraviolet radiation, completely solve the greenhouse effect of sunlight on the room, is suitable for all kinds of climate and weather changes, and has long-term protective effect on the indoor environment. The test shows that the shielding rate of rolling shutter door and window to sunlight can reach 100%, The shielding rate of temperature can reach more than 95%.
      Aluminum alloy rolling shutter door changes the inherent disadvantage of high noise of traditional rolling shutter door. There is only the sound of wind blowing and falling leaves in the process of opening or closing, which gives you a good feeling of opening the door. Our rolling shutter suppliers can provide you with a complete set of high-quality rolling shutter doors. {note: (the aluminum alloy rolling shutter door was not designed for sealing at the beginning, but the silencing adhesive strip was added to the curtain sheet, which has improved the sealing performance, but it is still not sealed.) There are two kinds of aluminum alloy hollow extruded profiles and aluminum alloy filled polyurethane foam profiles for the existing aluminum alloy rolling shutter door curtain. The strength, hardness, manufacturing width and protection performance of the extruded curtain are better than the filled profiles. The profile of the door curtain can be freely selected according to the different needs of customers.
      The above is the detailed introduction of aluminum alloy rolling shutter door. I hope it will be helpful to you If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us We will provide you with professional service http://www.176main.com

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